Huntsville Agricultural Society -

Junior and Intermediate Prize List
Chairperson: Bonita Austin  -  705-787-0312
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with  the Huntsville Fair.


  • Only send one item unless otherwise stated,
  • Follow all instructions to the letter.  If in doubt call the chairperson
  • Above ground vegetables must have only a 2 inch stem (5 cm)
  • Onions are not to be peeled.  Carrots and potatoes are not to be washed, just dusted
  • Remove all dead or dying flowers from your entries.  Be sure to leave no buds.
  • Ripe vegetables are to show no green.  Green vegetables are to show no colour other than green
  • Entries are to contain only what is asked for
  • When entry asks for plain white paper, paper should have no lines.  Extra  credit will be given to those who choose to decorate.  This makes for a nice display.
  • Vegetables should be all the same size and type in one category
  • Oasis can be used for arrangements or designs
  • When a category is to be named, we want what the article is: i.e. (pig,horse) and not a name for it i.e. (Sally/Joe)
Pay attention to details


  • Date of the fair is Sept. 21, 22, 23 2018.
  • Competition is free to juniors and intermediates
  • Open to all children up to the age of 18 yrs. old, at the time of the fair
  • Home schooled children must leave their phone number with the secretary
  • All work must be done by the child.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to offer advise and encouragement only
  • All entries must be of current years work, unless otherwise stated
  • Entry tags will be delivered to schools that request them.  Tags will also be available  at the fair office beginning the week of the fair
  • Directors will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles
  • Only one entry is allowed in each category per exhibitor
  • Prize money—1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00 unless otherwise stated.  Prize money will be available for pick-up Friday, Sept.21rd after 5:00 pm.
  • Ribbons awarded up to sixth place
  • Points—1st-6, 2nd-5, 3rd-4, 4th-3, 5th-2, 6th-1
  • Entries can be brought to the fairgrounds · Monday, Sept. 17th and Tuesday, Sept. 18th from 10 to 4, Wednesday Sept. 19th 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Thursday, Sept.20th from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
  • Entries must remain until 4:30 on Sunday, Sept. 23rd
  • Pickup for entries will be after 4:30 on Sunday until 5:30 pm, Monday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Anything left after those times will be discarded.

Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

Winning Posters become the property of the
Huntsville and District Agricultural Society

Youth Poster Competition

Open to all ages:  Prizes—1st—$10.00, 2nd—$8.00, 3rd—$5.00

 “Promoting your Fair”

  • Name and date of fair must be clearly shown on poster.
  • Must be hand drawn
  • Poster size:  Minimum—8 1/2” X 11” (22 cm X 28.5 cm) without border
  • Poster size Maximum—11” X 17” (29 cm X 44 cm) without border


The winning poster from each class at each fair will be eligible to enter the district competition.  District winners are eligible to enter at the provincial competition.

YP 01—Entries for youth up to and including Grade 4
YP 02—Entries include youth Grade 5 to Grade 8 inclusive
YP03—Entries include Grade 9 to Grade 12 inclusive

Agricultural Society Milk Products

Prizes:  1st—$3.00, 2nd—$2.00, 3rd-$1.00

M1-Ages 5 and under—Draw a picture of a dairy farm on a 8 1/2” X 11” paper
M2-Grades 1 and 2—On a half sheet of Bristol board or equivalent-create a collage of milk products surrounding a hand drawn milk carton.
M3-Grades 3 and 4– On a half sheet of Bristol board or equivalent—create a collage of milk products surrounding a hand drawn cow.
M4-Grades 5 and 6—On a half sheet of Bristol board or equivalent—create a collage of milk products surrounding a hand drawn cow & calf..
M5-Grades 7 and 8—On a half sheet of Bristol board or equivalent—create a collage of milk products surrounding a hand drawn maple leaf

(Margarine is not a milk product!)

Ontario Associations of Agricultural Societies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition

PRIZES:  1st—$5.00, 2nd -$3.00, 3rd-$2.00

Open to ages up to and including age 15 (as of December of current year)

3 chocolate chip cookies on a  paper plate

Winner will be asked to prepare and present 8 cookies on a paper plate to compete at District competition in October 2018
If successful, then the District winner will move onto the provincial competition in February 2019.
Each cookie should be 2—3 inches in diameter

Grade Contests
Prizes: 1st-$2.00,2nd-$1.50,3rd-$1.00

Preschool,   or  Day Care—Ages 3 1/2 & under
K1    Completed colouring book page
K2— leaf collage
K3— finger paint picture—not on glossy paper
 Junior or Senior Kindergarten
K4 —A picture made with your hand prints on letter size paper
K5—Draw a picture of a farm animal and print underneath what animal it is
K6—Decorate a small rock as if it was your favourite friend
K7—Make an item using Finger Paint Art
K8—Decorate a gourd—gourd may be purchased
K9—Create a farm animal/scene using stickers—8 1/2 X 11
Grade One
K10—Print on white paper the words Huntsville Fall Fair
K11—Print the numbers 1 to 25 on white paper
K12—Trace your foot and make it into anything
K13—sheep made from cotton balls
K14—Smallest maple leaf—glue onto paper plate
K15—Farm animal made from recycled material
Grade Two
K16—Print on unlined white paper—Gardening is fun (decoration allowed but do not cover your words)
K17—Collage of vegetables and/or fruits
K18—Create an animal from 1 soup can
K19—Make a book marker for your favourite book.  Any material
K20—Decorate a birdhouse made from a milk carton       
K21-  Make a butterfly or a bat using a clothespin for the body

Grade Three
K22—Print on unlined white paper “Huntsville and District Agricultural Society
K23—Print the months of the year (on plain paper—no decoration )
K24—Make a  person using a plastic utensil
K25—Make and decorate a seed packet
K26—Decorated sock puppet
K27—Make a fridge magnet using any media
Grade Four
K28—Write in PEN on plain white  paper the words:
           Huntsville and District Agricultural Society,
           Hosts of the Huntsville Fall Fair ( no decoration)
K29—Draw in pencil, a picture  of your favourite sport or activity
K30—draw & colour a homemade card
K31—collection of 5 different leaves, named & mounted
K32—Make a scarecrow using popsicle sticks to stick in a houseplant or outdoor pot
K33—Make a corn cob race car
Grade Five
K34—Make as many words as you can using the letters from Huntsville Fall Fair
K35—Collage of French words—ou  of 15 words—spelling will be judged - 8.5 X 11 inches (22 X 28 cm)
K36—Create a farm animal using a sock—can use decoractions
K37—Create a cartoon character from play dough
K38—Make a picture frame using any material—max 8X10
K39—Create your favourite movie poster—any medium—81/2 X 11
Grade Six
K40—Write  or print on plain white  paper, a name of a flower, plant or tree for every letter of the alphabet ( no decoration please )
K41   Draw and color a map of Ontario and locate/label:
           Ottawa, Toronto, Huntsville, Sault Ste. Marie and Windsor
K42—Draw and color a flag from another country, name the country and 1 fact
K43—Decorate a light bulb as a tractor, securely fasten to a paper plate
K44—Build a bird feeder using a plastic container ( accessories allowed )
K45—Create a CD cover for a fictitious band.  It must be displayed in a CD case
Grade Seven and Eight
K46—Write a poem, any subject
K47—Make a computerized ticket for a rock concert
K48—Design a poster that promotes a healthy lifestyle
K49—Create a babysitting kit with at least 5 items in a shoebox
K50—Make a wind chime using any material
K51—Make a map of Canada—label and locate provinces, territories and the Capitals of each
K52—An article made from duct tape
K53—Make a Christmas decoration—any material
K54—Create a candle holder—any medium

Hint—judge will look for same sizes
Open to all elementary grades
K55—Longest piece of twitch grass pulled from your garden
K56—3 carrots
K57—3 large green tomatoes
K58—3 beet roots
K59—3 large ripe tomatoes
K60—2 table cucumbers
K61—most unusually shaped vegetable
K62—3 onions
K63—Largest Halloween type pumpkin
K64 -3 potatoes, any variety
K65– Collection of 5 vegetables
K66—Heaviest zucchini
K67—Make a vegetable critter using 3 or more vegetables
K68—3 eating type apples—not crab
K69– Any other type of vegetable not mentioned above
K70—3 cherry/grape  red tomatoes
K71—3 cherry/grape green tomatoes

Open to all elementary grades
K72– Marigolds—French—3 stems
K73– Cosmos—3 stems
K74 - Sunflower head—best ripe
K75– Petunias—single—3 stems
K76—Flower arrangement—no higher than 12 cm
K77—Bouquet of wild flowers in a toy truck
K78– Indoor house plant—named
K79—Tallest sunflower
K80– Bean sprout in a cup
All baking must be on paper plate or board and covered by plastic bag or plastic wrap.  All baking is tasted by judges.
Preschool, JK, SK AND Grade One
K81—1 decorated cupcake
K82—Decorate a gingerbread man (may be purchased)
Grades Two and Three
K83– 3 chocolate chip cookies—the dropped method
K84—A decorated donut (donut can be purchased)
K85—3 light cupcakes

Grades Four and Five
K86– 3 Oatmeal raisin cookies
K87– 3 brownies with nuts—iced
K88—3 butter tarts—may purchase the tart shells (may contain raisins)
Grades Six, Seven, and Eight
K89—3 muffins—only 1 variety—your choice
K90– 3 brownies, iced, may contain nuts
K91- 3 butter tarts—may contain raisins
K92—single layer cake—decorated with a farm scene—any flavour
Items must be made in current year by exhibitor.
Prize money  - 1st-$3.00, 2nd-$2.00,3rd-$1.00
Open to Ages 9 and under:
K93  -   a pin cushion
K94   -   Tote bag
K95   -   small quilt ( or larger ) a quilt is 3 layers
K96  -    any other item not mentioned
Open to Ages 10 and over to age 18
K97 -  a cushion
K98  -  Pajama pants
K99   -  make doll clothes & display of doll
K100— any other item not mentioned
Open to any grade– up to age 18
Prize money: 1st-$3.00,2nd-$2.00,3rd-$1.00
K101 -   Knit a scarf—1 or more colours
K102    Knit a toque—1 or more colours
K103     Knit a pair of leg warmers (matching)
K104    Create any other article of knitting

Mount photo on sturdy paper for display
Open to all ages -  Prize money—1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00
K105 -  Wildlife in Muskoka
K106—  Lakeside Fun
K107—  Picture of Nature
K108—  My Pet (with caption of what they’re thinking)
Ages:  Open to anyone up to the age of 18 attending school. If you are elementary grades you may still enter, but note that you will be competing against high school students.

All entries must have firm backing and a means of hanging.  Any painting or drawing mediums can be used. Canvas by itself is not a means of hanging.
K109– Any painting or drawing
K110– Wildlife scene
K111-Architecture—focus of drawing must be a building
All entries on paper plate covered with plastic bag or wrap
K112      3 brownies, no icing—may contain nuts
K113   – 3 bran muffins
K114   – 3 butter tarts—may contain raisins
K115  —1 Bread Loaf
K116– An item made from scratch—finished

K117—Your favourite song made into an arrangement.  Artificial or real flowers may be used, but more credit will be given for the use of  real flowers.  Name the song on the entry tag.

K118  -  Original computer generated art

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