Huntsville Agricultural Society -

Huntsville Poultry Show
Chairperson: George Cooper 705-689-5038

Poultry Display by George Cooper

Junior Poultry & Pets Class 79
Purebred only

Please note: One entry per section per child. Child should be present to assist with placing entries
  1. Bantam Male
  2. Bantam Female
  3. Standard Male
  4. Standard Female
  5. Pigeon Male
  6. Pigeon Female
  7. Duck Male
  8. Duck Female
  9. Gander
  10. Goose
  11. Guinea pig male/guinea pig female
  12. Rabbit Male
  13. Rabbit Female
  14. Any other rodent,A)male/B)female
  15. Any other fowl A)male/B)female
  16. Turkey AOV, A) male/B)female

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