Huntsville Agricultural Society -

Rules and Regulations
  1. All exhibits must be genuine property of the member and entered in their name.
  2. Next year’s membership fees will be deducted from any prize money earned. Cost for membership is $5.00 for each person entering.
  3. All entries must be made on the prescribed forms and no entry will be accepted  after 12:45 PM (Quarter to One) on Thursday, September 20, 2018.
  1. All exhibits must be produced during the current year by the exhibitor  unless otherwise stated.
  2. Exhibitors may enter only 1 item per category unless otherwise stated.
  3. All exhibits of farm produce and manufactured articles must be up to required standards and weights.
  4. Except in the case of livestock and poultry no member shall be allowed more than one entry in any one class.  No entry shall compete for more than one prize except for sweepstakes.
  5. All animals must be securely fastened while on the Fair Grounds.  Exhibitors will be held responsible for any accidents or damage due to failure to observe this rule.
  6. The decision of the judges shall, in all cases,  be final, unless it can be shown that a by-law of the Society has been violated.
  7. No person shall, in any way, interfere with the judges in the discharge of their duties.
  8. Entry tickets shall be securely fastened to all exhibits except in the case of horses,  when entry ticket may be produced at the time of judging.
  9. Hall exhibits must be in place by 12:45pm Thursday, September 20th, Poultry and rabbits between 8:00 am and 9:30 am on Sunday, September 23rd.
  10. All exhibits shall be at the owners risk.  The Directors shall use every reasonable precaution for the safety of exhibits sent to the fair, but shall not compensate any exhibitor for articles lost, damaged or stolen.
  11. No exhibit shall be removed from the Hall until after the doors are reopened AFTER 4:30 pm on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
  12. An award will be presented for the most points in each section.
  13. Protests, if any, shall be made in writing to the Secretary within 7 days of the close of the Fair and shall be accompanied by a deposit of ten dollars which shall be deemed forfeit if the protest is not sustained by the Board of Directors. Any member found guilty of willfully violating any by-law or regulation of this Society shall be liable for forfeiture of all prizes won, and loss of membership in the Society for a period at the discretion of the Board of Directors
  14. The Board of Directors may from time to time, make such further regulations as may be deemed necessary for the proper management of the Society.
  15. All exhibitors outside of District #11 shall pay an individual membership fee of $10 per year.
  16. Where prizes are awarded on number of points won, in the event of a tie the most number of first prizes won will decide the winner.
  17. Exhibits will be kept for seven (7) days after the close of the Fair.  Any articles not claimed in that time period will be disposed of at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Please Note
  • All entry tags must be written by the secretary.  Once tags are filled in, please close the tag before judging.
  • The office will be open Mon.& Tues from 9 ;00 a.m. – 2 ;30 p.m, 4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. ,Wed from 9:00 a.m.-2:30, 4:30-9:00 p.m.and Thurs. from 9:00-11:45.    All Jr. Fair prize money may be picked up Fri. Sept 21st after 5:00 p.m. All Senior Fair can be picked-up at the Awards Banquet on October 19th, 2018· . If you are not able to make it to the Banquet, a cheque will be mailed to you after October 31st.  
  • Annual meeting will be in January 2018 as published.
  • AOV means all other varieties, AC means any colour/coat, AV means any variety.

Grain and Seed Division
Chairperson: Peter Rosbottom– 789-7750
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.
2017 Grain and Seed  is eligible
Prizes: as stated
Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
B01 Beans AOV qt.
B02 Corn 6 ears any field variety ripe
B03 Corn sweet 6 ears ripe
B04 Seed Potatoes any variety named 3L basket
B05 Sunflower seeds ripe 1 qt.
B06 Sunflower stalk 3 for ensilage
B07 Sheaf of fodder corn 6 stalks
B08 Tallest sunflower
B09 Sunflower 1 head ripe
B10 Sunflower head largest

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
B11 Flake of hay, 6” 50% or more clover
B12 Flake of hay, 6” 50% or more grasses
B13 Sheaf of timothy 4” at band, handmade
B14 Collection of grasses & clover to be shown in 1” sheaves

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
B15 Peas Field 10 lbs

Prizes: 1st $20.00, 2nd  $15.00, 3rd  $10.00
B16 Life size scarecrow must have two legs and must be able to be used in a corn field

Root and Potato Section
Chairperson: Peter Rosbottom– 789-7750
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

Early potato: Yukon Gold Norland, Jemseg etc
Medium potato:  Keswick, Trent, Nipigon
Late Potato: Kennebec, Rideau, Chieftain, Russet, Sebaga etc
Prizes: as stated
Potatoes should be suitably cleaned for showing, may be washed

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
C01 Sweet Potato/Yam
C02 Potatoes red 6 tubers
C03 Potatoes white 6 tubers
C04 Potatoes blue 6 tubers

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd  $4.00, 3rd  $3.00
C05 Potatoes 12 tubers early named
C06 Potatoes 12 tubers medium named
C07 Potatoes 12 tubers Late named
C08 Potatoes 12 tubers Red named
C09 Potatoes 12 tubers Blue named

Prizes: 1st $6.00, 2nd  $5.00, 3rd  $4.00
C10 Potatoes 20 tubers Early named
C11 Potatoes 20 tubers Medium named
C12 Potatoes 20 tubers Late named
C13 Potato collection-two varieties, Two 3 litre baskets
Prizes: 1st $5.00
C14 The heaviest Potato

Special  $5.00 for the best twelve Potatoes at the Fair Donated by Huntsville and District Agricultural Society.

Vegetable Section
Chairperson: Fred Sprathoff– 789-2779
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the 
Huntsville Fair.

  1. Entrants must display only the number of vegetables called for.
  2. All small vegetables should be on plates, available at the Fair.
  3. All Vegetables should be properly cleaned for display. May be washed.
  4. Beets, carrots, parsnips tops should be trimmed to 1/2 to 1 1/2’.  Celery should be cleaned and roots trimmed off.  Turnip tops & roots should be trimmed.  Tomatoes and pepper stems are left on .  Corn 1/2 to 3/4” stem should be left on.

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
D01 Beans green, 6 pods
D02 Beans yellow, 6 pods
D03 Beans burgundy, 6 pods
D04 Beets 4 roots cylinder or long type
D05 Beets 4 roots pickling Under 2 1/2” diameter
D06 Beets pickling 1 litre basket
D07 Beets 4 roots globe for table  use 2 1/2” diameter  preferred
D08 Carrot 4 roots, short not over 3” long
D09 Carrots 4 roots round globe type
D10 Carrots 4 roots intermediate 3 to 6 1/2” long
D11 Carrots 4 roots long over 6 1/2” long
D12 Citron 1
D13 Cabbage ball head 1 head
D14 Cabbage Flat 1 head
D15 Cabbage Savoy 1 head
D16 Cabbage Red 1 head
D17 Cabbage largest over 7” in diameter.
D18 Kale, 1 head
D19 Kohlrabi, 1, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2”
D20 Kohlrabi ,1  ,over 3 1/2”
D21 Celery 1 head
D22 Corn sweet 2 ears for table use
D23 Corn AOV for table use, 2 ears. Could be all white or bicolor e.g.  Peaches & cream
D24 Cucumbers 2 English type
D25 Cucumbers 2 ripe
D26 Cucumbers 2 green for table use not English
D27 Cucumbers pickling 1/2 litre basket
D28 Cucumbers lemon 2
D29 Garlic 3 Bulbs not over 2  1/2 “
D30 Garlic Elephant
D31 Onions from seed 4
D32 Onions from sets 4
D33 Onions Multipliers 1 litre basket
D34 Leeks 2
D35 Parsnips 5
D36 Swiss chard white 1 head
D37 Swiss chard red or multicolor 1 head
D38 Pumpkin pie variety 1
D39 Pumpkin 2 Miniature or decorative type
D40 Pumpkin white skin variety 1
D41 Pumpkin 1 Atlantic giant type
D42 Squash 1 Buttercup
D43 Squash 1 Butternut
D44 Squash 1 Pepper
D45 Squash 1 Pepper white or golden
D46 Squash 1 White scallop
D47 Squash 1 Blue Hubbard
D48 Squash 1 Golden Hubbard
D49 Squash 1 Green Hubbard
D50 Heaviest Zucchini
D51 Squash 1 Zucchini not over 8”
D52 Squash 1 Zucchini Largest Mature
D53 Squash 1 Sweet potato
D54 Squash Spaghetti
D55 Squash 1 AOV not listed above, named, may include any hybrid variety of any of the above, i.e. Sweet Mama– the Cupless Buttercup
D56 Ornamental Gourds 3
D57 Tomatoes ripe 1 1/2 to 2 1/2” diameter 4
D58 Tomatoes, Green over 1 1/2” diameter 4
D59 Tomatoes  Cherry or small 1/2 litre box
D60 Tomatoes  Cherry or small fruited variety green 1/2 litre box
D61 Tomatoes 4 ripe beefsteak
D62 Tomatoes 4 ripe Italian
D63 Tomatoes 4 green Italian
D64 Tomatoes 4 yellow or orange variety
D65 Peppers 2 sweet red
D66 Peppers 2 sweet yellow
D67 Peppers 3 any other variety
D68 Peppers 2 sweet  green
D69 Vegetable marrow 1
D70 Watermelon 1
D71 Turnips for table use 2 roots

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
D72 Beets Globe 3 litre basket
D73 Beets Cylinder 3 litre basket
D74 Carrots 3 litre basket AV
D75 Onions from sets 3 litre basket
D76 Onions from seed 3 litre basket
D77 Large Connecticut field or  traditional Halloween type  Pumpkin
D78 Tomatoes green 3 litre  basket
D79 Tomatoes ripe 3 litre basket
D80 Tomatoes Italian 3 litre basket ripe
D81 Tomatoes Italian 3 litre basket green
D82 Peppers 3 litre basket could consist of one or more varieties

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd  $4.00, 3rd  $3.00
D83 Halloween Jack o Lantern carved from pumpkin

Prizes: 1st $10.00, 2nd  $8.00, 3rd  $6.00, 4th $4.00
D84 Largest Squash or Pumpkin

Prizes:  $12.00   $10.00   $8.00   $6.00   $4.00   $2.00   $1.00
D87 Small display of garden produce
To consist of any six of the following varieties: Carrot, Beet, Onion, Pepper, Tomato, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Squash, Potato, Garlic, Kohlrabi or Turnip.  Trays will be provided at the Fair
Display must be decorated to recognize Canada’s 150th Celebration
Use container of your choice
Presentation   -   20%
Produce          -   80%


All Squash & Vegetable Marrow to be from original seed; Any Hybrid Varieties to be entered under D55

Fruit Section
Chairperson: Peter Rosbottom– 789-7750
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
D88 Apples 5 AV
D89 Crabapples 12 AV

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd  $4.00, 3rd  $3.00
D90 Apples AV 3 litre basket
D91 Crabapple AV 3 litre basket

Commercial Section
Chairperson:Nicole Marshall-571-0380
 Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.
Sponsored By Donations Received from The Muskoka Parry Sound 
Beekeepers Association. With our thanks!

  1. 1 lb = 500 grams
  2. 2017 honey crop may be shown in the honey classes.
  3. All honey samples with more than 18% moisture content will be downgraded.
  4. Only those samples with proper density are eligible for 1st prize.

Prizes: 1st $6.00, 2nd  $4.00, 3rd  $3.00
H09 Light honey Glass container 1 lb
H10 Amber honey Glass container 1 lb
H11 Dark honey Glass container 1 lb
H12 Solid honey crystallized or creamed 1 lb
H13 Comb honey one section 4” x 4” approx.

Maple Products
1. Syrup will be judged on the following basis:
  • 30 points for density
  • 30 points for flavour
  • 25 points for colour
  • 15 points for clarity = 100 points
2. Consisting of four classes:  Golden Delicate, Amber, Dark, VeryDark.
3. All exhibits should be in 250 ml bottles.  Correct containers are available from the chairperson of this section.

Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd  $5.00, 3rd  $4.00, 4th $3.00
H01 Golden Delicate 2 containers
H02 Amber 2 containers
H03 Dark 2 containers
H04 Very Dark  2 containers

Sugar and Butter
H05 Soft Sugar (sugar candy) approx 1 lb
H06 Hard Sugar approx 1 lb
H07 Stirred Maple sugar (granular) two 250 ml mason type jars
H08 Maple butter two 250 ml mason type jars

Flower Section
Chairperson: Roseanne Seely– 789-2059
P lease note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

  1. Exhibitors must supply their own containers in all sections. Containers do not influence the judge but should be clean.
  2. Only the variety asked for is judged.
  3. All flowers must be grown by exhibitor, unless specified.
  4. Judging is by Ontario Horticultural judging standards.
  5. Clean all stems of leaves if underwater

Cut Flowers
Prizes: 1st $3.00, 2nd  $2.00, 3rd  $1.00
E01 Asters 3 blooms annual
E02 Asters 3 stalks perennial
E03 Chrysanthemums 3 blooms
E04 Chrysanthemums 3 sprays
E05 Cosmos 3 stems
E06 Dahlias—ball—3 blooms
E07 Dahlias,under 5”,3 blooms
E08 Dahlias,over 5” - 1 bloom
E09 Dahlias, 6 blooms in a basket
E10 Gladiolus—1 spike
E11 Gladiolus—3 spikes
E12 Helianthus (sunflower)-AV-1 spike
E13 Hydrangea-pee gee—1 stem
E14 Hydrangea—Annabelle—1 stem
E15 Marigolds,french,6 blooms
E16 Marigolds,african,3 blooms
E17 Nasturtium—4 stems
E18 Pansies-5 stems with foliage
E19 Petunias-single-3 sprays
E20 Phlox—3 stalks
E21 Rose—1 bloom
E22 Rose—3 blooms
E23  Rose-miniature-1 bloom
E24 Rose—miniature-3 blooms
E25 Rudbeckia—3 stems
E26 Snapdragons—3 spikes
E27 Sweet Peas—3 spikes— AV—annual or perennial
E28 Zinnia—under 2”-3 blooms
E29 Zinnia—over 2” - 3 blooms
E30 Collection of annuals, AOV,3 varieties, 2 stems of  each, named
E31 Collection of perennials, AOV, 3 varieties, 2 stems of  each, named
E32 AOV—annual, 3 stems, Named
E33 AOV perennial, 3 stems Named
E34 AOV Daisy—3 blooms

Potted Flowers
Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $3.00, 3rd  $2.00
E35 African Violet –single-in bloom—1 crown
E36 African Violet –double-in Bloom—1 crown
E37 Begonia –wax-in bloom1plant
E38 Begonia –AOV fibrous-1 plant
E39 Begonia –tuberous-in bloom-1 plant
E40 Cactus—succulent collection 3 plants
E41 Coleus—single plant
E42 Fern - any variety
E43 Fuchsia only –1container
E44 Geranium Ivy or scented only 1 container
E45 Geranium - 1 plant in bloom
E46 Ivy  - any variety
E47 AOV –hanging flowering plant Named –in bloom
E48 AOV foliage plant –named- In hanging container
E49 AOV   flowering plant - named In bloom
E50 AOV  foliage plant –named
E51 Collection of 3 herbs –named
E52 Collection of 3 house plants (3 different varieties)
E53 Container display using a variety of plants
E54 Orchid - AV

Design Section
Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd  $4.00, 3rd  $3.00
Flowers or vegetables in arrangements do not have to be grown by exhibitor– accessories allowed

E55 “You are my Sunshine” miniature arrangement—not to exceed 6 “ in any direction
E56 Celebration –an arrangement to celebrate Canada’s 150th 
E57 So you are getting married—a table arrangement for a wedding shower
E58 Autumn Leaves—an arrangement using fall leaves.  Flowers may Also be added, but only as an accent.
E59 “Harvest Time” - A decoration for door—to celebrate Thanksgiving, must be able to hang

Craft Section
Chair Person: Hazel Seely 705-789-2059
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd  $2.00, 3rd  $1.00
J01 Placemats-2
J02 Pin cushion, using a  mason jar
J03 Rag doll pioneer dress
J04 2 Christmas ornaments
J05 Decorated T-shirt
J06 Hand drawn Birthday card for a  child
J07 Wreath—any material
J08 Decorated flower pot
J09 wind chimes—any material
J10 silk flower corsage
J11 Christmas stocking
J12 Childs gift wrapped box
J13 Decorated wooden box 
J14 lawn ornament
J15  picture frame—decorated Frame can be purchased
J16 Christmas Tree topper
J17 Dream Catcher—not from a kit
J18 Art Work (using any medium)- unframed
J19 Scarecrow—not over 10”
J20 Decorated Photo Album
J21 Hallowe’en decoration—any medium
J22 door stopper
J23 Homemade pot-pourri in mason jar
J24 Wine cork craft
J25 Handcrafted Jewelry (made with beads & chains. Set/pair allowed
J26  Any other article– not listedAbove— pair or set

J28 Bernardin Craft Award
1st— $ 20.00 Gift Certificate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
Best decorative or functional homemade craft using a Bernardin mason jar(s) and/or 2-piece Snap Lid

Baking Section
Chairperson: Brodie Baumhour– 705-349-0783
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

Note:  Loafs and full pies to be in a clear plastic bag with a tie, smaller baking to be in clear Ziplock type bags —please DO NOT cover with saran wrap.
Please ask for OAAS rules when entering F02
Judges are accredited and do not enter exhibits at this fair

Prizes: 1st $6.00 2nd.$5.00 3rd $4.00 unless otherwise stated.
Yeast products
  1. F01 Bread, white 1 loaf
  2. F02 Bread 60% whole wheat 1 loaf
  3. F03 Bread 100% whole wheat  1 loaf
  4. F04 Bread of AOV
  5. F05 Breadmaker, 1 raisin loaf
  6. F06 Bread, Fruitbread, glazed 1 loaf
  7. F07 Chelsea buns 9 or more
  8. F08 Sour dough bread, 1 loaf

Hint:  The difference between “rolls” and “buns” - rolls are single with unbroken crusts, buns are joined together and pulled apart for tasting.

Quick Breads
F09 Plain Tea biscuits—3
F10  Focaccia Bread 
F11   Savoury Cheese Tea Biscuits

Hint:  It is essential that only the number of items that are called for be entered.

F12  Lemon Squares, 3
F13  Buttertart Squares, 3
F14  Date squares, 3
F15  Nanaimo Bars, 3


Hint:  Squares should be cut approximately 1 1/2”x 1 1/2”.  Bars should be cut approximately 1 1/2”x 1”.  No outside edges!

F16 Gingerbread cookies, 3
F17 Chocolate chip cookies, 3
F18 Peanut butter cookies, 3
F19 Shortbread cookies, 3
F20 Oatmeal raisin cookies, 3
F21 Biscotti cookies ,  3

Hint:  Cookies should be approximately 2 to 2 1/2” round.

Do Not Use Paper Cups
F22 Bran muffins with raisins, 3
F23 Blueberry muffins, 3
F24 Lemon/Cranberry muffins, 3

Loaf Cakes
F25 Zucchini Loaf, fruit/nuts optional
F26 Date and Nut loaf
F27 Banana  loaf- may contain nuts, raisins, chocolate chips
F28 Lemon loaf, glazed

F29 Vanilla single layer cake, with frosting or icing
F30 Carrot cake,, may contain nuts,raisins and/or pineapple. No icing/frosting
F31 AOV of cake to be judged on decoration of “Autumn in Muskoka”
F32 Cupcakes, decorated, fall theme, 3

Hint:  The difference between frostings and icings:  Frostings are boiled or cooked, icings should not be cooked and have a butter or shortening base

F33 Butter tarts, no raisins, 3
F34 Raspberry tarts, 3
F35 Nut tarts, 3
F36 Coconut tarts, 3
F37 Apple pie,
F38 Strawberry/Rhubarb pie
F39 Cherry pie with lattice top

Gluten Free
F40      Any variety bread
F41      Any variety squares  -  3
F42      Any variety cookies  -  3
F43      Any variety muffins  -  3
F44      Any variety cake

Hint:  When using new aluminum pie plates, bake the empty plate first at 450 degrees for 8—10 minutes.

Prizes: 1st $6.00, 2nd  $5.00, 3rd  $4.00
F45 Maple fudge, no nuts, Approx. 1/2 lb.
F46 Chocolate fudge, no nuts approx. 1/2 lb
F47 Sponge Toffee, 5 pieces
F48 Chocolate Truffles Any flavor filling  - 6


Country Fair Baking Specials

With our thanks to these sponsors!  Please visit their websites for recipes and helpful baking hints:
Robin Hood Flour:
F49— Robin Hood Family Favourite Recipe Baking Contest
            Best Homemade Spice Cake
           Judging will be based on appearance,taste,texture.
           Product label must accompany entry!
1st         $25.00 Product Certificate
2nd       $10.00 Product Certificate


F50— Robin Hood Family “Best Lunchbox Snack” Contest
            Best Homemade square using combination of a variety of grains and fruit, 
             quantity of 3
            Product label must accompany entry!
1st         $25.00 Product Certificate
2nd       $10.00 Product Certificate

F51-- Crisco Family Favourite Recipe Baking Contest
          Butter tarts with raisins, quantity of 3
          Product label must accompany entry!
1st         $25.00 Product Certificate
2nd       $10.00 Product Certificate


Director Special

Prizes  :1st $10.00    2nd $6.00    3rd $4.00
F52  Christmas Cookie Plate 3 Different varieties consisting of  3  cookies each
F53  “Welcome to Canada” Basket of homemade goodies—at least three different items 

Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies  -  Special
The winner of Class F33  will be asked to prepare and present 5 buttertarts on a paper plate to compete at the District competition in October 2018. 
The winner of the District competition will move on to the Provincial competition held in February 2019.
O.A.A.S. rules will govern the entry.

Sewing and Needlework Section
Chairperson: Cherie Shields– 705-783-0615
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.

  1. Please read the Rules and Regulations at the front of this book.
  2. Articles must have been hand crafted with new material unless otherwise stated.
  3. All items must be made by the exhibitor unless otherwise stated
  4. Executive has the power to remove items on the advisement of Director in charge.
  5. Please use safety pins to attach tags to article, no straight pins allowed

The hand quilted and machine quilted “eligible” quilts judged most outstanding at the Fair have the privilege of entering the O.A.A.S. Competition.  To be eligible for this competition a quilt must be a minimum of 72”x 90” and not made from a kit.  The machine quilted quilt must be solely made and machine quilted by the Exhibitor.  A machine quilt must not be quilted using a long arm machine.  O.A.A.S. competition quilts will be judged at the District level.  Prize money will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  First place winners will go forward to be judged at the Provincial competition.  If winners at the Provincial competition, exhibitors are permitted to retain ownership of the quilt and will receive a Grand Prize.  Certificates and ribbons will also be awarded to the winners.  The guidelines for judging hand quilted quilts, as determined by the O.A.A.S.

Prizes: 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $8.00
S01 Quilt appliquéd
S02 Quilt Pieced
S03 Quilt tied
S04 Sofa/lap quilt
S05 Quilt single bed size
S06 Quilt crib size floss embroidered
S07 Quilt/any other
S08 Quilt  - Agricultural theme

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd $1.00
S10 Place mats 2
S11 Casserole carrier
S12 Micro Mitts, 1 Pair
S13 Table runner
S14 Clothespin bag
S15 Shoe bag
S16 Scarf—50% polar fleece, 50% any media
S17 Full size apron
S18 Half apron
S19 Any other article not listed

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00
S20 Afghan, approx. 48” X 60”
S21 Afghan, crib size, approx. 34” X 43”
S22 Ladies long sleeved pullover
S23 Adult long-sleeved pullover
S24 Adult vest with buttons

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00
S25 Afghan, smaller than crib size, approx. 18” X  24”
S26 Ladies short sleeved Pullover, no buttons
S27 Cardigan, short-sleeved, any Size with buttons
S28 Childs pullover, long-Sleeved
S29 Leg Warmers
S30 Baby sweater and bonnet, Infant to 9 months, No ribbons!
S31 Childs toque and mitts
S32 Adult fine socks—1 pair
S33 Dressed doll, 15” to 18” tall (doll can be bought)
S34 Scarf
S35 Any Arm knitted item
S36 Any finger knitted item
S37 Any other article not listed above

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
S38 Afghan crib size approx 34”x43”
S39 Afghan smaller than crib size approx 18”x24”
S40 Afghan larger than crib size
S41 Crochet trim on any item
S42 Baby sweater and bonnet  infant to 9 months No Ribbons!
S43 Doily no larger than 12”
S44 Placemat, 2
S45 Girls dress, up to 24 months
S46 Article of crochet incorporating beads
S47 Pot Holders 2, Decorative 1 or 2 colours (variegated counts as one)
S48 Dressed Barbie doll (Doll can be bought)
S49 Any other article not listed above

Any Sewing/Needlework/Knitting/Crocheting
Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
S50 Hand bag
S51 Childs vest
S52 Adult slippers
S53 Cushion up to 18”

When making an Entry the Exhibitor shall indemnify and Hold Harmless The Huntsville and District Agricultural Society, their members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, cost, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his agents, employees or servants, or anyone for whose acts he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

Canning and Preserves Section
Chairperson: Nicole Marshall– 705-571-0380
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with the Huntsville Fair.
  1. All entries must be in correct size jars, with finger- tightened lids.
  2. Please no freezer jam, we lack the required refrigerated facilities.
  3. Please attach entry tags with elastics

Prizes: 1st $3.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd $1.00
Jams and Jellies
1/2 pint jar or larger
G01 Summer fruit jam
G02 Raspberry jam Tame
G03 Raspberry jam Wild
G04 Strawberry jam Tame
G05 Strawberry & rhubarb jam
G06 Combination Jam 2 fruits, Named.
G07 Peach jam
G08 Blackberry jam
G09 Crabapple jelly
G10 Chokecherry jelly
G11  Rhubarb jam
G12  Orange marmalade
G13  Onion/Garlic jelly  - mild
G14  Pepper jelly
G15  Hot Pepper jelly 

Canning to be sealed in one pint jars or larger
G16 Pear halves
G17 Peach slices/chunks
G18 Fruit salad
G19 Apple sauce
G20 Whole cranberry sauce
G21 Crabapple spiced
G22 Strawberries

Canning to be sealed in one pint jars or larger
G23 Chili sauce
G24 Sweet mixed pickles
G25 Bread & Butter Pickles
G26 Pickled Onions
G27 Mustard Beans
G28 Mustard Cucumber Pickles
G29 Pickled Cauliflower
G30 Sweet Zucchini Pickles
G31 Corn Relish
G32 Relish you would use on a hotdog
G33 Salsa
G34 Pickled beets,whole
G35 Pickled carrots
G36 Fruit chutney
G37 9 day pickles
G38 Dilly beans                            
G39 Summer in a Jar pickles
G40 Pickled horseradish  -  can be from previous year

The following to be sealed in one quart jars or equivalent. G41/2 can be from previous year
G41  Dill pickles, any style, with garlic
G42 Dill pickles, any style, no garlic

G43 One dozen White Grade A Large
G44 One Dozen Brown Grade A Large

Bernardin Home Canning Fair Awards

For recipes and helpful hints on home canning visit: 
Product label must accompany entries as proof of purchase 

G45  Bernardin Best Jam/Jelly Award
Best Jam/Jelly  from 1st prize winners in G01 to G15 must be submitted in a
Bernardin mason jar  and snap lid,, 1 pint jar or larger
Prize:  1st only—$20.00 gift certificate (plus rosette ribbon)
Require Bernardin Pectin package or UPC as proof of purchase
G46 Bernardin Gift Pack Competition
Items submitted in Bernardin mason jars and snap lids, One Jam or jelly in half pint jar or larger, 1 fruit in pint jar or larger, 1 pickle or salsa in pint jar or larger displayed in a decorated basket or box. Judging will be based on creativity, quality of home canned product, perceived value and  appropriateness of entry.
Prize:  1st only—$20.00 gift certificate (plus rosette ribbon)
Use of Bernardin Mason Jar/Snap lid must accompany each entry
G47 Bernardin Best of Show Award
Judges choice of Best Home Canning from among qualifiers. Item must be submitted in Bernardin mason jar & snap lid
Prize:    1st only— $ 30.00 Gift Certificate (plus rosette ribbon)


Photography Section
Chairperson: Colin Spindley– 705-783-8750
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with  the Huntsville Fair.

  1. One print per category, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Sizes:  4”X6” or 5”X7” to be mounted on a firm, approximately  9 ½”X12” (24cmX32cm) white photo protector or heavy white card type board in a page protector.  Example; old photo album pages, sticky type with clear plastic (unless otherwise stated).
  3. Picture must have been taken since last years Fair  by exhibitor (unless otherwise stated).
  4. Entries not adhering strictly to the above rules will be disqualified.

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
Pictures can be taken with either digital or film cameras
Best of Show  -  $ 4.00 & rosette

P01 Photographer’s Choice
P02 Black & White any subject
P03 Winter Fun in Muskoka
P04 Flower Garden
P05 On the Job
P06 Layers & Textures
P07 Misty Morning
P08 Portrait of Your Pet, with caption
P09 Kids at play
P10 The World of Canada's Red
P11 Birds of a Feather
P12 Muskoka Sunset
P13 A day at the Fair
P14 Macro Shot (closeup picture of something very small., i.e. flower bloom, insect)
P15 A Summer event

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