Huntsville Agricultural Society -

Junior and Intermediate Prize List
Chairperson: Bonita Austin  -  705-787-0312
Please note that all judges are accredited and are not affiliated with  the Huntsville Fair.

2019 rules.pdf (PDF — 91 KB)


  • Only send one item unless otherwise stated,
  • Follow all instructions to the letter.  If in doubt call the chairperson
  • Above ground vegetables must have only a 2 inch stem (5 cm)
  • Onions are not to be peeled.  Carrots and potatoes are not to be washed, just dusted
  • Remove all dead or dying flowers from your entries.  Be sure to leave no buds.
  • Ripe vegetables are to show no green.  Green vegetables are to show no colour other than green
  • Entries are to contain only what is asked for
  • When entry asks for plain white paper, paper should have no lines.  Extra  credit will be given to those who choose to decorate.  This makes for a nice display.
  • Vegetables should be all the same size and type in one category
  • Oasis can be used for arrangements or designs
  • When a category is to be named, we want what the article is: i.e. (pig,horse) and not a name for it i.e. (Sally/Joe)
Pay attention to details
  • Date of the fair is Sept. 20, 21, 22, 2019
  • Competition is free to juniors and intermediates
  • Open to all children up to the age of 18 yrs. old, at the time of the fair
  • Home schooled children must leave their phone number with the secretary
  • All work must be done by the child.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to offer advise and encouragement only
  • All entries must be of current years work, unless otherwise stated
  • Entry tags will be delivered to schools that request them.  Tags will also be available  at the fair office beginning the week of the fair
  • Directors will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles
  • Only one entry is allowed in each category per exhibitor
  • Prize money—1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00 unless otherwise stated.  Prize money will be available for pick-up Friday, Sept.20th after 5:00 pm.
  • Ribbons awarded up to sixth place
  • Points—1st-6, 2nd-5, 3rd-4, 4th-3, 5th-2, 6th-1
  • Entries can be brought to the fairgrounds · Monday, Sept. 16th and Tuesday, Sept. 17th from 10 to 4, Wednesday Sept. 18th 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Thursday, Sept.19th from 8 a.m. to 11:45am
  • Entries must remain until 4:30 on Sunday, Sept. 23rd
  • Pickup for entries will be after 4:30 on Sunday until 5:30 pm, Monday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Anything left after those times will be discarded.

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