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About Us

The Huntsville and District Agricultural Society

P.O. Box 5064

Huntsville, Ontario

P1H 2K5


The Huntsville and District Agricultural Society was founded in 1882, under the name of the North Muskoka Agricultural Society.

We took possession of the property where the fair is currently located at 407 Muskoka Rd. 2, on January 14, 1963.

Our name was changed to the Huntsville and District Agricultural Society on January 24, 1966. 

We are incorporated under the umbrella of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. We are bound by the Horticultural and Agricultural Societies Act, Bill 66. 

We are both a not-for-profit and a charitable organization!

2023 Executive 

President: Brodie Baumhour

1st Vice-President : Aubrey Cotton

2nd Vice-President: Doug Earl 

Secretary: Wanda Lumley

Treasurer :   Linda Rosbottom



2023 Directors 


Doug Austin

Aubrey Cotton

Brodie Baumhour

Sarah Hopkins

Tammy McDowall

Cherie Shields

Doug Earl

Sarah Plant

Roseanne Seely

Angie Sparling

Linda Latour

Wanda Lumley

Linda Rosbottom

Peter Rosbottom

Manfred Sprathoff 

Cindy Sutherland

Ken Lumley


2023 Associate Directors


Bev Cotton

Casey Menard

Pat Holinshead

Tom Holinshead

Jill Jordan 

Helga Sprathoff

Jacob West (Junior Director)  

Lifetime Members

Garnet Denny

Wanda Lumley

In memory and appreciation for years of dedication and volunteer work to the Society


Marg Ewan

Elsie Davis

Joan West

William Sinclair

Fred Fowler

Kenneth and Violet Earl

Gladys Crossett

Lu Brown

Len Davis

Edith Henry

Ross Boothby

Edna Lupton

Wilma McNaughton

Bill McNaughton

Linda Dronseika

Anita Denny

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